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What's included in the Wide, Square & Awkward Garden Formulas?

  • In Module 1 you will get you started with the KEY concepts you need to know in order to be able to successfully create a stunning long garden.
  • In Module 2 goes deeper into the ‘Shape First System’ that is the KEY to designing your long garden correctly.
  • Module 3 in this module Rachel will demonstrate the rules for different shape and styles of garden.
  • In Module 4 we'll look at how different materials affect the style of your garden.
  • Module 5 reveals how to add the ‘WOW’ to your shape garden with adding features, lighting, in-built seating etc.

The Wide, Square & Awkward shape garden formulas course is suitable if you have a garden like those shown below (and anything in between!)

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My 60-Day Personal Money Back Guarantee

I personally guarantee that you WILL create a much better garden, if you follow my garden design formula, than if you go it alone with the usual ‘trial and error’ gardening approach.

BUT, if you find the Long Garden Formula course isn’t right for you, for any reason, you can have a full refund within 60 days. This guarantee is Paypal backed. Just email me via the website contact form and I will issue you with an immediate refund, in full.

Questions about the this Garden Formula online course

  • q-icon Do I need much gardening knowledge to use the techniques covered in the course?

    No. Absolutely not. The course is designed to show both complete beginners and experienced gardeners a really simple design method that can be used to transform any size, shape or style of garden, quickly and easily.

  • q-iconWhat time and day does the course start?

    The course is 100% online, with immediate access. So you can view it any time that is convenient for you, as many times as you want.

  • q-icon I live in the southern hemisphere, will your course still be relevant for me?

    Yes. The design techniques shown in the course work on any garden, anywhere! The principles of design do not change. The landscaping materials and plants will need to suit your location but the underlying framework of good design is a constant and not location specific.

  • q-icon I'm an experienced gardener, will I really learn anything new?

    You will definitely learn something new. The methods I teach in the Long Garden Formula are ones that I’ve developed over the last 20 years as a professional garden designer, so you won’t have come across them anywhere else. Good design is a completely different skill to gardening. What you’ll learn in the course will enhance your existing knowledge.

  • q-iconHow long does it take for the course to arrive?

    The course is 100% online, so there’s no waiting for the postman. It’s instant access after your payment has gone though and you’ve clicked on the link contained in the welcome email, you’ll be sent your login information.

  • q-iconI’m not a professional landscaper, I just want to improve my own dull garden! Is this going to be really technical?

    The method I use to design a garden is nice and simple. I do cover some technical aspects, but in a way that’s not at all complicated.

  • q-iconHow long does it take to complete the course?

    That will depend on how much time you devote to it each week and your individual learning style. As a rough guide, the main design section of the Long Garden Formula could be completed over a weekend, but I would recommend you take 2 weekends to allow time for the information to be fully absorbed. The survey course can also be completed over a weekend.

  • q-iconDoes the course include a certification or qualification?

    No. The course has been primarily designed for homeowners who wish to improve their own garden without needing to attend a college course for weeks on end, so there is no qualification. That being said, I have had a lot of landscape professionals who’ve done the course and say that they’ve learned more from it than their professional certified training courses!

  • q-iconWhat happens if I get stuck on part of the course and need help?

    You can ask Rachel any questions you have about the course material in the member’s area of the website.

  • q-iconWill you be able to look at my final design and offer advice on it?

    This isn’t something that’s included in the course, but as a Long Garden Formula student you can purchase a plan review service from Rachel at a reduced cost, if you want her to double check your design.

The Wide, Square & Awkward Garden Formulas online course, where international garden designer and no.1 best-selling Amazon author, Rachel Mathews, will reveal ALL her trade secrets to creating a stunning garden. She’ll walk you through the simple method that she has developed over the last 20 years as a professional designer, that makes designing easy. 

Rachel’s design formula works on ANY size, or style of long or rectangular garden, anywhere in the world.

Also included with the Wide & Square Garden Formulas

SURVEYcourseSMsThe ‘How to Survey Your Garden’ course is also included as part of the Long Garden Formula, along with the video tutorials, that will show you exactly how to get your garden on to paper accurately, the vital first step to the design process.

videosIpadimageIncluding the 8 video tutorials that come with the courses in the Long Garden Formula. There is also a long garden photograph and plan gallery to give you additional inspiration.


Garden Style Wizard - find out what your tastes really are. Comes with detailed report you can print off. Only included as part of this web class special offer.

  •  The ENTIRE course is ONLINE so there is NO waiting for the postman. You will be emailed your course login details immediately after purchase.
  •  Have the satisfaction of designing your own garden, at a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional designer AND the knowledge and skills to help your friends and family with their gardens if you wish.

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