How To Survey Your Garden

(The Vital First Stage To Creating A Great Garden)

It’s impossible to create a great design for your garden without an accurate scale drawing to plan from!

SURVEYcourseSMsMost people find the thought of scale drawing very scary! It needn’t be that way though. It’s not nearly as complicated as it may sound, if you know a few simple tricks to make it easy.

Is Measuring Your Garden Before Planning It Really Necessary?

  • Yes, if you want your ideas to fit when you come to build it!
  • Yes, if you want to buy the right quantities of materials and not have masses left over.
  • Yes, if you want to have someone else build your garden and have it look like you imagine.

Harsh Fact: Don’t Bother Designing Your Garden Unless You Have Measured It First

You really will be wasting your time otherwise. I’ve seen landscape jobs go wrong when the measurements are slightly off, which is bad enough, but not measuring at all, don’t go there! The reason is because a good design works together as one whole unit. So, if you change one part, it has a knock on effect to ALL the other areas. Imagine doing a jigsaw puzzle and stretching or shortening the pieces to get them to fit how you imagine they should… What are the chances of getting good results at the end? About zero!

It doesn’t have to be like that though. You may think you can just guess distances but even good guesses can cause chaos if they’re wrong. Surveying your garden isn’t difficult but it has to be done in a certain way to make sure the measurements you take are as accurate as possible.

Learn The VITAL First Step To Achieving Your Dream Garden

  • Learn a few simple techniques to help you measure your garden accurately, even if it’s a complete jungle!
  • Learn how to measure slopes easily and accurately.
  • Save yourself time and money getting your base plan accurate before you order materials and start to build your garden.
  • Discover how to easily draw your survey into a workable scale drawing.
  • Learn a quick and easy way to make a temporary drawing board.

What’s In The Course?

  • Instantly downloadable illustrated PDF guide packed full of tips & techniques.
  • Tutorials on how to measure your garden accurately no matter how tough a site it is.
  • Discover how to accurately survey changes in level in your garden.
  • Learn how to draw to scale both metric and imperial.
  • Learn how to correctly position existing elements on your garden plan.


When you buy the How To Survey Your Garden Mini-course you will also get access to 5 Bonus video tutorials everything you need to know to accurately survey your garden and draw a scale plan. As an added bonus there is also a video on how to quickly and easily make a temporary drawing board.Plus a bonus eBook on how to design your garden - The Beginner’s Quick Start Guide To Creating A Great Garden.

You’ll get instant access to the full downloadable Mini-course including the bonuses so you can work through it in your own time at your own pace. The course isn’t padded out with lots of complicated technical terms or things you don’t need to know. It’s the fast track method for getting accurate scale drawing so you can plan your dream garden easily.

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Getting It Wrong Is Expensive And Time Consuming

You can spend a lot of money on plants and materials for your garden and still not produce good results, which is heartbreaking, not to mention a waste of time and money. So many people plough ahead with buying the wrong things in the wrong quantity for their garden. Understanding just a few simple things will save you time, money and heartache.

This one time investment will give you the skill and confidence to get your garden right for the beginning. It makes a big difference knowing something will work rather than hoping.


Great ValueSURVEYcourseSMs

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The ‘How to Survey Your Garden’ course is also included as part of the Great Garden Formula, along with the video tutorials, that will show you exactly how to get your garden on to paper accurately, the vital first step to the design process.

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