Garden Design Planning and Planting Online Courses - learn the easy way to creating a stunning garden!

Want to know all the tricks to creating a beautiful garden? Yes, including the ones that professional designers usually leave out of their books?

International garden designer and Amazon no.1 best-selling author, Rachel Mathews, has been successfully designing gardens all over the globe for over twenty years. She’s put her wealth of experience and all her cunning designer tricks and shortcuts into a series of easy to follow, online garden design courses. There’s something suitable for every level of gardener and homeowner, from complete beginner through to experienced gardeners.

Rachel enthuses her passion for design into her courses, in an easy to understand, straight-talking format that’s devoid of the usual ‘designer babble’, that most garden design books confuse people with! Even if you’re the most brown fingered of gardeners, you won’t fail to be moved to do something special with your garden after you’ve spent time with Rachel on a course or workshop.

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All the garden design courses are ONLINE and can be downloaded to a computer, iPad or Android tablet so you can learn at home or on the move.

How to Design Your Garden – The Great Garden Formula Online Course

The Great Garden Formula is the mother of all garden design courses. It’s designed for serious home gardeners that really want to learn all there is to know about garden design. The online course is totally suitable for complete beginners, but it is a BIG course, so if you’re looking for something quick, that can be done in a weekend, then the Garden Design Workshop (above) is a better option.


The Great Garden Formula course is totally online, so you don’t need to leave your home to do it. It’s a mix of written materials in downloadable PDFs and video tutorials to guide you through everything you need to know in order to create a beautifully designed garden. It enables those of us that aren’t naturally gifted artists or good at visualising to be able to design easily. Packed full of cunning design tricks and all of Rachel’s trade secrets, if you really want to learn about garden design, there’s nothing better, anywhere, that will help you more than this course. Guaranteed.

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This course focuses on the aesthetics of plant design and will show you how to choose which plants to put together to create stunning planting combinations. This simple to follow, but in depth course, guides you step-by-step on how to create planting schemes to suit different garden styles from modern and contemporary through to traditional styles and everything in between. (If you want to learn about the growing conditions plants need to thrive, rather than how they look together, then see the 5 Minute Plant Expert further down this page).

The Plant Design Formula covers how to place plants together to create stunning combinations that look good all year, not just for a few weeks in the summer! Rachel will share all her top trade secrets, that she’d developed over 20 years plus of designing with plants for clients. She’ll show you a very simple, but somewhat counterintuitive technique for combining plants – surprisingly it has absolutely nothing to do with flowers OR foliage… and you don’t need to know a single plant to use her simple Plant Design Formula, so it’s perfect for complete beginners as well as experienced gardeners.

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Small space gardens can look amazing, if you know a few really simple design tricks that professional designers use to make any small garden look and feel larger, more interesting and more functional.

In this easy to follow step-by-step formula online course, Rachel will explain how to design different shape small gardens though a mix of an illustrated downloadable pdf guide and video tutorials. There also a comprehensive garden ideas gallery featuring small garden plans and photos to give you additional inspiration.

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Wide, square and awkwardly shaped gardens are not as rare as you may think and they can look great too if you know what tools to use and what design principles to apply to.

The Wide and Square Garden Formulas guide will take you through the entire planning process from beginning to end. You’ll be shown how to tackle any type of wide&square shape garden from really wide and square through to an irregular and awkward shape.

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You really don’t need to know a lot of plants or their names in order to successfully get the right plants for your garden. By learning some simple short-cuts you’ll be able to know what conditions plants like, just by looking at their leaves. This is the cheat’s guide to becoming a ‘Plant Whisperer’! The Plant Design Formula (above) concentrates on how to get plants to look good together, the 5 Minute Plant Expert focuses on how to know which plants will suit your soil and growing conditions.

Rachel will show you all the cunning tricks that enable her to successfully design gardens all over the world, using plants she’s never seen before. This online mini-course will enable you to know which plants will suit your garden, just by looking at their leaves. Comes with 5 video tutorials as well as the downloadable mini-course and a series of ‘cheat sheets’ to help you learn faster.

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(Please note: This course is included as a FREE bonus to the main Great Garden Formula Course).

If you don’t have the correct measurements, the whole of the planning phase goes completely to pot! Learn how to measure and draw a scale garden plan. This is invaluable to successfully plan your garden. Included are video tutorials showing you how to measure your garden and draw it to scale afterwards so you can then plan it successfully. Click here to learn more about the garden survey course.

(Please note: This does come included as a FREE bonus to the main Great Garden Formula, Small Garden Design Formula & the Long Garden Formula Courses)

So, you have no interest in doing a huge great course in garden design, you just want ideas, plan examples and a general know-how to get you doing the right things, that will get you the results you want. The Long Garden Formula will help you understand about what’s gone wrong as well as explain how to fix any areas that aren’t working for you. You’ll also learn how to completely re-do your garden, if you want to go beyond a simple makeover.

The Long Garden Formula is packed full of photos and plan examples you can adapt for your garden, as well as explaining how to DIY design your garden if you want to be more adventurous. It comes with the Garden Survey Course (mentioned above).

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Successful Garden Design Formulas Guide

*The time to do the courses are approximate and will vary from person to person depending on your learning style and time available.

All Courses are Completely Online and You Can…

There’s no difficult software to learn how to use, you just need some paper, a pencil, eraser, ruler and a tape measure to design a garden properly. You don’t need any artistic ability either, the methods taught in all the courses are simple and straightforward that anyone can the courses are oximate and will vary from person to person, depending on your learning style and available time.